Sunday, 7 July 2019


Pakatan Harapan had better learn a lesson from the latest Greek election results.

After the leftist Syriza won power on promises that it would relieve the Greek people from the austerity imposed on them by EU and other foreign financial agencies, instead it did a U-turn, bowed to these foreign dictates and imposed austerity on the Greek people who voted for them, based upon their promises.

In this election, the centre-right New Democracy party won 158 out of the 300 seats in the Greek parliament, thus gaining an outright majority, whilst Syriza came a distant second with 86 seats.

There are illustrative tables and diagrammes in these two articles below.

Basically, Greece has swung from left to centre-right due to Syriza's own fault, though the far-right, anti-immigrant Golden Dawn did not get any seats, whilst the Communist Party (KKE) held steady with 15 seats, and the KKE is no lover of Syriza but had predicted before the previous election that Syriza would betray the Greek people, which is exactly what happened.

My prediction is that Greece's New Democracy government just elected in will impose neo-liberal policies upon Greece, hence quite likely more austerity. 

Anyway, Pakatan had better take note and address the economic concerns of the Malaysian people, rather than get caught up in the current power struggles between factions in the corridors of power, and in sex scandals, all of which are great political entertainment for Malaysians, whilst the economy wallows in the doldrums, living costs remain high, prices on the shelves remain high, graduate unemployment remains high and so forth.

Yours truly