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The Hong Kong authorities must shut down the offices of NGOs which are behind the Hong Kong rioters, ban these NGOs, seize their funds and assets, expel the NGO agents from Hong Kong and cut the funding to these U.S. and U.K. imperialist running dog rioters.

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Check out who are backing the anti-China protests/riots in Hong Kong:-

"Joint solidarity statement: Stop police brutality in Hong Kong! No extradition to China!"
"Posted by thinkleftpsm on June 14, 2019"

I have checked out the positions of several western-based Trotskyite groups with regards the Hong Kong protests and find that most back the protests and are against China.

Here are some examples:-

"Hong Kong's protests in perspective"

This article reveals that it is the Confederation of Hong Kong Trade Unions (with 160,00 mmebers) which backs the protestors, whilst the pro-China Federation of Hong Kong Trade Unions (with over 410,000 members) does not.

"Stop police brutality in HK! No extradition to China!"

"Hong Kong's One Million March – Political Strike is the Way Forward"

"Hong Kong's sharp shift to the left"

However, not all Trots are with them

That said, to be fair, whilst I oppose the Trotskyites in general myself, however there are other western-based Trotskyite groups or former Trotskyite groups which oppose the rioters/protestors and have done a good job to expose those Trotskyite groups which which back the rioters and protests in Hong Kong against China.

One of them is primarily US-based International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist) which adheres to the orthodox Trotskyite thesis that the Soviet Union under Stalin and later leaders, as well as China under Mao and later are are not capitalist but "deformed workers' states", ruled by a bureaucracy which has developed, which they on the one hand criticise but on the other defend against foreign imperialists and against capitalist restoration, whilst they advocate workers in these "deformed workers states" to undertake a political revolution to oust the bureaucracy and restore workers rule.  

The Trotskyite movement has split into about seven Fourth Internationals, with conflicting positions and which often are antagonistic to each other.

The article below by Spartacist Canada, the Canadian section of the International Communist League denounces the Hong Kong protestors and rioters as being western imperialist tools of capitalist restoration in China and they denounce those Trotskyite groups behind these rioters/protestors, as well as the role of the U.S. imperialist backed NED.

"Hong Kong Protests: Spearhead for Capitalist Counterrevolution"

This part towards the end of the article s especially telling:-
"Bootlickers for Capitalist Democrats"

"One of the most glaring examples of aid to the bourgeois cause in Hong Kong is Socialist Action, which along with Socialist Alternative in the U.S. and Canada is affiliated to Peter Taaffe's Committee for a Workers' International (CWI). With a counterfeit reputation as Trotskyist, this organization has a long and disreputable history of supporting capitalist counterrevolution in the name of opposing dictatorship. In the Soviet Union in August-September 1991, the CWI's forebears in the Militant tendency joined the capitalist-restorationists on Boris Yeltsin's barricades in Moscow. In contrast, our Trotskyist international distributed tens of thousands of leaflets calling on Soviet workers to crush the counterrevolutionary forces led by Yeltsin and backed by the George H.W. Bush White House."

"Writing off China as authoritarian and capitalist, the CWI has made itself the most rabid cheerleaders of the Umbrella Movement. An article in the CWI's China Worker (30 September) enthuses over the possibility that "the democracy struggle would spread across China—with the initial spark quite possibly coming from Hong Kong's protest movement." The CWI's fervent desire that the "democracy" movement be wielded against the "CCP dictatorship" on the mainland is the U.S. State Department's hope exactly!" 

This article of 06 May 2018 is especially telling of the CWI's role in Hong Kong protest politics:-

"The 'Stop Repression in Hong Kong' campaign, which is supported by the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI), is planning a day of worldwide protests on Friday 4 May. Readers around the world are urged to participate in the protests against increasing political repression in Hong Kong and China."

As mentioned earlier, the CWI and the Socialist Party UK formerly was the Militant Tendency, a Trotskyite group which had infiltrated into the U.K. Labour Party and became an organisation within an organisation but after several of its key leaders were expelled from the Labour Party, the Militant Tendency dissolved itself in 1991 and came out as an independent Trotskyite party in the U.K.

Next, the Workers World Party in the U.S. comes out strongly against these rioters/protestors and against the western-imperialist backed NGOs in Hong Kong, and unlike the International Communist League, the Workers World Party supports the China government fully.   

"U.S role in Hong Kong protests"

Here are some key excerpts:-

"U.S. imperialism is the greatest enemy of the world's peoples, who are struggling for a future with dignity, sovereignty and full human rights. Wall Street and finance capital maintain their dominance through the threat of over 800 foreign military bases, aircraft carriers, constant coups, targeted assassinations, drone attacks and starvation sanctions imposed on over 30 countries around the world.

"Wall Street also uses the soft power National Endowment for Democracy (NED) to fund many thousands of nongovernmental organizations, reactionary political parties and alliances with corrupt dictators all over the world."

"U.S. aid and interventions have never protected human rights or democracy."

"Recent mass protests against a proposed modification of extradition laws have rattled Hong Kong. It is the natural response of all progressive forces to rally to the side of mass demonstrations. But it is the duty of revolutionaries to look deeper, to ask what forces are behind a movement and who stands to benefit."

The article goes on to mentions some of the major multi-member organisations in Hong Kong which are backed by U.S. and western imperialist money and concludes with:-

"The U.S. claims to be concerned with free speech and politically motivated extraditions, while it aggressively pursues the extradition of Julian Assange for exposing the crimes of U.S. imperialism."

"The corporate media in the U.S. and Europe have enthusiastically reported on the Hong Kong protests, in stark contrast to the meager, often critical coverage of mass protests in Gaza, Honduras, Sudan, Yemen, France or the recent general strike in Brazil. The difference in coverage exposes a difference in the forces behind the protests, a difference in who stands to benefit from them."

"U.S. imperialism has a long history of "color revolutions" in which protests with a progressive, even revolutionary patina are used as cover for a reactionary, pro-U.S. agenda."

"World finance capital forces in Hong Kong are allied with U.S. imperialism and opposed to socialist ownership and the leadership of China by the Chinese Communist Party."

"U.S. Hands Off China!"

The Workers World Party formerly was Trotskyite but later move away from Trotskyism and supported China's liberation struggle led by Mao and support Mao's China, to the extent that other Trotskyite groups have dubbed them as "Maoist" though they do not profess to be Maoist themselves and neither do they profess support for Stalin. Whatever, Workers World Party exists only in the U.S. and is not part of any international.

Then check out this Grayzone article which reveals how such western "leftists" and "socialists" actually serve U.S. and western imperialism.

"DSA/Jacobin/Haymarket-sponsored 'Socialism' conference features US gov-funded regime-change activists"

Here are some key excerpts:-

"Socialism is now apparently brought to you by the US State Department."

"From July 4 to 7, thousands of left-wing activists from across the United States are gathering in Chicago for the 2019 Socialism Conference."

"At this event, some of the most powerful institutions on the American socialist — but avowedly anti-communist — left have brought together a motley crew of regime-change activists to demonize Official Enemies of Washington."

"One anti-China panel at the conference features speakers from two different organizations that are both bankrolled by the US government's soft-power arm the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a group founded out of Ronald Reagan's CIA in the 1980s to grease the wheels of right-wing regime-change efforts and promote "free markets" across the planet."

These so called "non-governmental organisations" a.k.a. "non-profit organisations" are a controlled opposition which are very much foreign governmental - "non-governmental" organisations (FG-NGOS) which are well funded by foreign imperialist money and provide well paying jobs for useless bums who otherwise cannot find decent productive work.

The China and pro-China news organisations such as CGTN and CCTV should expose this the role of foreign imperialists behind these riots and the Hong Kong authorities must ban these organisations from Hong Kong and mainland China.

Just as British-imperialist occupied Northern Ireland is rightfully part of the the Republic or Ireland, so is former British colony Hong Kong (seized by by force by master drug trafficker Britain during the Opium Wars), rightfully part of the People's Republic of China.

Yours truly


Monday, 5 August 2019


Trotskyites, Anarchists, Soros and NED (National Endowment for "Democracy") financed NGOs in Malaysia (and worldwide) won't like the replies to this question posted on Quora.

The question:-

How long do you believe the Chinese government will tolerate mob violence in the streets of Hong Kong before sending in more troops?

8 Answers:-

When there are massive numbers of body counts in the street daily, and the whole world yelling at China to do something, then maybe China will do something. Which is another way to say "how about never".

People still seem to be confused about two things. One is the relationship between Hong Kong and Mainland China. The other is about the essential Hong Kong society.

On the relationship between Hong Kong and China - the media portrays it almost like between New York and the US. It's not. It's more like between Puerto Rico and the U.S.

  • Hong Kong's education system is entirely in English, not in Chinese.
  • Hong Kong's Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, was educated in Oxford. She, and her husband, and her two children, are all holders of British passports. Mrs. Lam is a classic British-trained civil servant until she rose to the level of HK Chief Executive, when she had to give up UK passport for a PRC one, because one really can't be swearing loyalty oath to the British Queen while serving as the top leader in a Chinese city. The rest of her family are still British.
  • Hong Kong's biggest bank is HSBC, which made its first pot of gold from financing the illegal opium trade into China, and now a top UK bank headquartered in London.
  • Hong Kong is run by tycoons, all of them having multiple foreign passports. Hong Kong's Richest People The richest HK tycoon is a Canadian living in UK. Li Ka-shing China doesn't mind if the UK offered all HKers UK citizenship at the time of Handover, like what Portugal did to Macao residents. The British government not only refused to do so itself, but tried to prevent Portugal from doing so to the Macao residents. Portugal Offers Citizenship to Many in Last Colonial Outpost : Macao, a 'Poor Relation,' Draws Envy of Hong Kong The rich, and some middle-class HKers got the Anglo passports.
  • 14 out of 18 judges in Hong Kong's highest court are foreigners. The latest appointed high-court judges are one from the UK and one from Canada. Why Hong Kong's top court is staffed with foreign judges The President of Hong Kong's bar association is also a Brit trained in Lincolns Inn. Hong Kong Bar Association
  • HK Police Force trains at Scotland Yard, and there are many senior officers who are British, a legacy of past recruitment from the British foreign services. Activists single out British officers in protests against Hong Kong police
  • Hong Kong has never, ever, paid a dime of tax to the PRC. Hong Kong's GDP is not included in the calculation of PRC's GDP.
  • There is a "hard border" between Hong Kong and Mainland China. Visa, passport, customs, tariffs, border patrol, the whole deal.

OK then, the money is Anglo money, the prominent citizens are British/Canadian/Australian, the top executive is Oxford-trained, the judges and lawyers are all British/Canadian/Australian - Exactly what is there for China to lose anyway? The zip code? LOL! The zip code goes with the land, and the land isn't going anywhere. Hurricane Maria left ~ 3,000 dead and an estimated $90 billion in damage in Puerto Rico. Effects of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico Two years later, the US Government has so far handed out $11 billion in disaster relief aid. Just look around you - how heart-broken are the Americans feeling towards the Spanish-speaking Puerto Ricans? Which US politician will ever earn brownie points for advocating more help for Puerto Rico? None? Well there you have it!

The second thing that people don't seem to get a grip on is the essential nature of the Hong Kong society. It is common knowledge that Hong Kong is run by tycoons. Well then, you may ask, how can a state run by tycoons be a modern society? Well you are right. Hong Kong is NOT a modern society, the same way Dubai, with all its modern skyscrapers and Lamborghinis, is NOT a modern society. It's a throw-back of the medieval oligarchical city-state with 21 century social media tooling. There used to be a lot of these city-states in Europe, especially in Italy, such as Milan, Mantua, Florence, the Republic of Venice, etc. These city-states became prosperous when the surrounding countryside were wrecked by banditry and lawlessness, reaching their zenith during the Renaissance, and then all faded away when they became hostages to oligarchical monopoly and cronyism. Every single one of them, to be replaced by modern states. Why Aren't There Independent City-States Anymore?

Hong Kong follows the same trajectory. It got rich when China was closed to the world, and Hong Kong was the only window through which it traded with the rest of the world. Jardine and Matheson were the opium traders, and HSBC was the opium financier. The Opium Wars: how Scottish traders fed the habit During WWII Hong Kong was defended by the British, the Canadian, and the Indians for a grand total of two weeks, before surrendering the city to the Japanese. What about the native HKers? They didn't do jack-sh*t. They were the colonized. A different overlord was coming in, so what.

Post Korean War in 1953, the US placed PRC on the embargo list, so all the Western countries and their allies were not allowed to do business with China, not even when China was experiencing famine, the Aussies and the Canadians were not allowed to sell wheat to China. The Limits of Alliance: Cold War Solidarity and Canadian Wheat Exports to China, 1950-1963 Hong Kong, being a British colony, was the only route through which trade with China, legal or illegal, occurred. The sole channel to a billion consumers. So it got rich. But once the US lifted its 21-year embargo in 1971, Hong Kong's importance to China trade started to diminish, and it's city-state trajectory became part of the irresistible grind of the wheel of history, like all those other independent city-states in history.

So what went wrong? Often, these cities evolved political systems that gave wealthy merchants direct control over governance, and they used that power to make life miserable for the competition.

"The big drawback is that once a group of people are running their own affairs, they're also looking out for their own interests," he says. "So they start setting up barriers to outsiders coming in and all these restrictions on others engaging in commerce within the city limits."

As oligarchies closed to outside commerce, the European cities began to slowly decline. Their closest successors today might be autonomous Asian cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, which share their economic dynamism as well as some of their troubling cronyism.

Source: Why Aren't There Independent City-States Anymore?

The tycoons of Hong Kong are not any wiser or more altruistic than the Doges of Venice, or the Medici's and the Machiavelli's of the Florentine Republic. Thus Hong Kong today has 15% poverty rate, the average Joe pays 70% of his income on rent Nearly half Hong Kong flats rent for more than US$2,550 a month - 70 percent of median household income, lives in an apartment the size of the average kitchen in the West, working their butts off for the enrichment of one of the tycoons, but still can't save enough for retirement. But that's OK because they can still enjoy the "freedom" to oppress their Filipino maids! HKers employ a massive 400,000 Filipino maids to do the cooking and cleaning, who are legally banned from living outside of their masters' apartments, and legally allowed only one day a week off Hong Kong's domestic workers share their stories of 'living in'. And if they get pregnant by their male masters, will, they have two weeks to get out of the city, by Hong Kong's law! How Hong Kong maids became caught in a 'humanitarian tsunami' The tycoons live in grand country manors up on the hill, flashing ostentatious luxury, and passing their real estate monopoly, utility monopoly, transportation monopoly, food supply monopoly, etc., to their children, without paying a dime in tax. Hong Kong's Tycoons Are Passing Massive Wealth to Their Heirs They did not build any world-class industry. They don't have to. They have written the laws to safeguard local monopoly in perpetuity. All of this is essentially etched in stone in the Hong Kong Basic Law at the time of the Handover, and can not be changed until after 2047. You want "democracy and human rights"? How about giving some of that to the child in the picture below?

The idea that Hong Kong tycoons care about "democracy" is as ludicrous as the Afghan mujahideens care about "freedom". Why aren't Hong Kong tycoons bigger givers? If anybody gives a da*n about "democracy", he'd at least pay taxes and fund a good public education. Not Hong Kong. Hong Kong tycoons wrote "low tax" into the city's mini-constitution, and fund fewer of its youngsters to go to colleges and universities than the war-wrecked non-state Palestine. Higher education in Hong Kong

It's not that people didn't realize where Hong Kong was going. People have known this for at least 20 years. This issue was raised even before the handover, because you can literally read about a couple hundred examples of this from history books! But Hong Kong's problems can only be solved by HKers, and the worst aspect of the British political culture, which was unfortunately learned by heart by the HK politicians, is basically "solve internal problems internationally, solve economic problems militarily". Well if that's the case, Beijing is perfectly happy to just close off the border, and let HKers burn down the Admiralty themselves.

Basically the author or authors of the above commentary are saying that China will let the Hong Kong protestors make a mess of Hong Kong and its economy, and yes, China should.

Now who are these Trotskyites?

Well, take a look:-

"Chinese regime's puppet government in Hong Kong pushed back by mass protests"

"Hong Kong: the struggle for democratic rights escalates"

"Hong Kong protesters reject Chief Executive's promises"

The Socialist Party UK formerly was the Trotskyite Militant Tendency, a faction within the U.K. Labour Party, until they were expelled in August 1991.

And closer to home in Malaysia:-

"Hong Kong: Gelombang protes besar-besaran paksa kerajaan tangguhkan undang-undang zalim"

Google translate:-

"Hong Kong: Waves of massive protests force the government to postpone tyrannical law"

"Campurtangan kuasa imperialis barat?

"Terdapat tuduhan bahawa kuasa-kuasa luar memainkan peranan dalam menghasut dan menjadi dalang di sebalik protes rakyat di Hong Kong, sama ada semasa kebangkitan rakyat dalam Gerakan Payung 2014 ataupun gelombang protes baru-baru ini. Pemerintah Beijing dan Kerajaan Hong Kong telah menuduh bahawa protes jalanan ditaja oleh imperialis Amerika Syarikat melalui badan seperti Yayasan Nasional untuk Demokrasi (NED). Memang terdapat banyak parti politik dalam kem Pan-Demokrat di Hong Kong menerima tajaan dana daripada badan luar seperti NED. Namun, pengaruh pemimpin Pan-Demokrat di Hong Kong yang rapat dengan kuasa barat semakin merosot dalam tahun-tahun kebelakangan ini."

Google translate:-

"Interference by with western imperialist powers?

"There have been allegations that foreign powers play a role in instigating and leading the people in Hong Kong protests, whether during the 2014 Umbrella People's Movement or the recent wave of protests. The Beijing and Hong Kong governments have accused the US of sponsoring street protests through bodies like the National Foundation for Democracy (NED). Indeed, many political parties in Hong Kong's Pan-Democratic camp receive funding from outside agencies such as the NED. However, the influence of Pan-Democrat leaders in Hong Kong in close contact with western powers has deteriorated in recent years."

Google translate:-

"Kem Pan-Demokrat bukannya penganjur aksi protes besar-besaran terbaru ini. Malah, kem Pan-Demokrat sudah tiada lagi kemampuan untuk menganjurkan protes besar-besaran. Fron Hak Asasi Manusia Sivil (CHRF) yang menganjurkan aksi perarakan secara aman pada 9 Jun dan 16 Jun 2019, merupakan gabungan yang terdiri daripada lebih 50 buah organisasi yang kebanyakannya pertubuhan masyarakat sivil dan kesatuan sekerja. Parti-parti Pan-Demokrat yang utama walaupun juga menyertai CHRF, tetapi hanya merupakan minoriti dan tidak memainkan peranan yang menyerlah."

Google translate:-

"The Pan-Democrat camp is not the organizer of this latest mass protest. In fact, the Pan-Democratic camp has lost the ability to hold mass protests. The Civil Rights Framework (CHRF), which organizes peaceful protests on June 9 and June 16, 2019, is a coalition of over 50 organizations, mostly civil society organizations and trade unions. The major Pan-Democratic parties even join the CHRF, but they are a minority and do not play a prominent role."

"Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) telah mengambil inisiatif untuk mengeluarkan satu kenyataan bersama antarabangsa pada 14 Jun 2019, bagi menyatakan solidariti kepada perjuangan rakyat Hong Kong."

Google translate:-

"The Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) took the initiative to issue an international joint statement on June 14, 2019, expressing solidarity with the struggle of the Hong Kong people."

And who are the 49 organisations which signed the joint international statement?

"Kenyataan bersama antarabangsa ini telah disokong oleh 49 buah organisasi, antaranya League of Social Democrats (Hong Kong), Borderless Movement (Hong Kong), Socialist Alliance (Australia), Socialist Alternative (Australia), Parti Komunis India (Marxis-Leninis) Pembebasan, Australia Asia Workers Link, Forum Arbeitswelten (Jerman), Konfederasi Serikat Nasional (Indonesia), Konfederasi Pergerakan Rakyat Indonesia, Konfederasi Persatuan Buruh Indonesia, Jala PRT (Indonesia), RUMPUN (Indonesia), Korea House for International Solidarity, Partido Lakas ng Masa (Filipina), Cambodian Alliance of Trade Unions, Europe solidaire sans frontières (Perancis), Socialist Resistance (UK), Action for Democracy in Thailand, North South Initiative (Malaysia), Persatuan Sahabat Wanita Selangor (Malaysia) dan Persatuan Agora (Malaysia)."

Google translate:-

"This joint international statement was supported by 49 organizations, including the League of Social Democrats (Hong Kong), Borderless Movement (Hong Kong), Socialist Alliance (Australia), Socialist Alternative (Australia), Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation, Australia Asia Workers Link, Arbeitswelten Forum (Germany), National Confederation of Indonesia (Indonesia), Confederation of Indonesian People's Movement, Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions, PRT Network (Indonesia), RUMPUN (Indonesia), Korea House for International Solidarity, Time Party ( Philippines), the Cambodian Alliance of Trade Unions, Europe solidaire sans frontières (France), Socialist Resistance (UK), Action for Democracy in Thailand, North South Initiative (Malaysia), the Association of Women of Selangor (Malaysia) and the Association of Agora (Malaysia)."

Most of the above parties with "socialist" in their name are western-base Trotskyite parties, whilst the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation is nominally Maoist but it is just one amongst 23 parties with the name "Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)" and amongst them, the CPI (M-L) Liberation is believed to be Trotskyite influenced.

According to Wikipedia:-

The rest are a hodge podge of NGOs.

What these parties and organisations which back the Hong Kong protestors against China in effect are doing is to support the interests of U.S., U.K. and other western imperialism against China and remember that Hong Kong was forcibly taken from imperial China by the British (big time drug traffickers) in 1842 after the First Opium War, until it was rightfully returned to China in 1997, so Hong Kong is rightfully a part of China, just as British occupied Northern Ireland rightfully is part of the Republic of Ireland. 

Perhaps the U.K. should accept all Hong Kongers who want to live under British rule to migrate to Britain. With political and economic uncertainty in the U.K. over Brexit, coupled with rising local resentment against immigrants, I'm sure the several millions of pro-U.K. Hong Kongers who migrate to Britain will have a "bright future" cleaning toilets or working in a low-paying services job in the U.K.

Meanwhile,  Hong Kongers who are happy to live in an autonomous part of China and remain can get on with their lives in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China.

Yours truly